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What Does Digital Adoption Mean & What Prevents It?

What does digital adoption mean? What prevents it from succeeding? Knowing these are fundamental in driving DX right.

What Does Digital Adoption Mean?

Digital adoption is when users can make use of the new digital tools to their best capacity. 

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These tools may refer to websites, apps, programs, and software, for instance.

Otherwise, DX initiatives may fall short and fail in the long run. Thus, making digital adoption an important matter in undertaking DX.

Factors That Prevents Digital Adoption

Technology may appear so promising at first glance. But in some cases, adoption presents to be a challenge. 

But, why?

Here are some factors that can prevent digital adoption from further developing.

Not Enough Technology

There may be one or more factors that may contribute an organization to be lacking in technology. For example, an organization may be experiencing one or more of the following.

  • Lacking time and resources to keep pace with the latest technology trends
  • Neglecting software or tool upgrades or updates
  • Choosing to invest little in technology

When these factors exist in an organization, the spirit of innovation is missing. As a result, digital transformation suffers.

Too Many Digital Tools

On the other hand, the extreme opposite may happen and may not result in the best. Although having more may appear promising, in fact, it is not. 


If an organization makes use of too many tools, the following consequences can take place.

  • Employee resistance out of confusion, or in worse cases, employees experience app fatigue
  • Employees may tend to drop applications, instead of maximizing them for productivity 
  • Often results in application clutter, instead

Thus, the notion of having ‘more is more’ is wrong. Instead of maximizing benefits, the opposite happens. Not to mention the incurred expenses out of using extra applications.

Why Should You Focus On Reaching The State Of Digital Adoption?

Instead of purchasing and making use of too many applications that you can’t afford to use, why not focus on digital adoption?

What truly drives DX?

For example, consider the following reasons why digital adoption is more important.

  • It can boost employee experience because duties are now made easier
  • Digital tools can help employees become more efficient and accurate with their tasks
  • When your company makes use of the latest technology, you are attracting & retaining high-quality employees within your organization
  • Lastly, digital tools can increase your reputation with your customers

As you can see, DX is more than just shifting the use of technology. But DX involves strategy and much about adoption. 

DAP Features That You Should Be Looking For

So what are the DAP features that you should be looking for?

  • Make sure it is adaptable and easy to use 
  • A user-friendly platform
  • It provides good and enough analytics
  • It can automate tasks for you

Key Takeaways

  • Digital adoption is a fundamental factor of reaching success in any digital transformation initiative
  • Having too little or too much in technology both results in failure. Instead, invest wisely and focus on reaching adoption.