What Is Automation Testing?

So we will learn about what is automation testing? We will also, consider the manual testing in the later part.

Introduction About The: What Is Automation Testing?

So we are aware of the two different types of testing for the software. These are the manual testing where the needs of human supervision are important.

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The last part is the automation testing, which uses the technology for it. Well, for the broader knowledge about manual testing.

Here are the following things you should know. 

Manual testing has many different types. Such as the following:

  • Usability testing
  • Discovery testing
  • Regression testing
  • Functional testing

Though the first two are invaluable types. The latter part is the things where your staff do the repetitive and wasteful practice. 

Therefore, it is the process of so much repetitiveness.

So know, let us know how much the difference of the automation and what is more about it?

More About What Is the Automation Testing?

So it is the practice where you make the following:

  • running the test automatically
  • managing the testing data
  • utilizing the following result

So it is done to improve and enhance the quality of the software. Also, it can give you the assurance measurement. 

However, though it can give assurance still it involves the commitment of the entire software. Also, in this test the following persons must be involved:

  • Analyst developers
  • DevOps engineers

They are the one will be responsible for giving knowledge in every one.

The Following Criteria For Your Automation Process

So before you can conclude that something is should be part of the process of automation it is better to check the criteria first. Why you should do this?

It is to make sure that you will not waste your time and expense in processing the cases that can be manually done. Moreover, the automation goal is to save your time, efforts, and of course your budget.

So here are the following things or criteria:


The case must be repetitive. Of course, there is no sense in automating a case that is done in one run.

The following repeatable test must consist of steps:

  • Setting up the test that covers the data and environment.
  • Performing the function and the result of the measurement.
  • It should be in the clean-up and environment.


So you can consider if it is determinant. How? It can determine if the outcome is just the same every moment you are the same input.

Moreover, using it, you can conclude whether the software is created by allowing the test that inputs the test harness.

Various Types Of The Automation Testing

So there are various types of automation testing. Here are some of the selected types:

  • The code analysis includes the static analysis and the dynamic analysis.
  • A unit test that is created for the single function or unit.
  • Integration test that covers the end-to-end test for external. It is also used for external resources or primarily in dealing with the resources that could be beyond your control.