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What is Selenium Automation Testing?

Selenium Automation Testing. Selenium is an open-source tool that is used to test web browsers.

Wait, before you get excited, let me remind you that Selenium is only used to test web applications. We cannot use Selenium to test any desktop or mobile application.

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There are many tools for testing software like IBM’s RFT, HP’s QPT, Appium and more. But this is about Selenium and why it’s the best for testing dynamic web applications.

Advantages of Selenium

Selenium is a testing tool that does not have any licensing costs. It is also very popular because of other reasons:

It does not cost anything to use Selenium, unlike other testing tools
Test scripts can be written in these languages: Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl & .Net.

Tests can be done on Mac, Windows or Linux.

You can test using any browser. For example, you could use Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera.

Maybe you can use tools like TestNG and JUnit to manage your tests and generate reports.

It can be combined with Jenkins, Maven, and Docker. This will help testing to be continuous.

 Disadvantages of Selenium

We can only use Selenium to test web applications. We cannot test desktop applications or any other software.

Support for Selenium is not guaranteed. But we can use the customer communities that are available to help us.

We can’t test images. We need to connect Selenium and Sikuli to do image-based testing.

There is no native reporting feature. But we can fix that by using frameworks like TestNG or JUnit.

Why the Need For Software Testing

Software testing is the most important thing. Machines are important, but they do not work by themselves. Machines need software to make them work and to tell them what to do. This is why it is so important that a good software tester checks if there are any problems with the software before the machines start working.

Software and web applications are important to running a good business. Make sure you have the best one available.

Any company that sells things on the internet relies on customers to buy things. They use websites and apps.

Challenges With Manual Testing

Manual testing is when QA testers test the web application by hand. They need to do this in every environment and they should use different data sets. When they finish, the tester should write down the success or failure rate of every transaction.

Selenium is a tool that tests web pages. It makes it easier to do work. This is why Selenium was invented.

Automated testing beats manual testing

Automated testing is better than manual testing because it is faster, needs less investment in people, it does not make mistakes, and often tests can be done.

Suppose there is a login page and we need to see if all the login attempts are successful. It would be easy for a computer to add up all of the numbers on the page and see if they equal 200. If not, then someone tried to log in but didn’t succeed.

Finally, the key point is that automation testing helps testers. They have a simpler job without all the hard work.