What Is WinAutomation? And How To Install It

  • What is WinAutomation? Well, if you’re looking for a platform that can help you with repetitive tasks, then you might want to consider this platform. Read this post to find out more.

What Is WinAutomation?

It’s the most powerful, robust, and easy-to-use platform for Windows automation. It’s a data entry automation solution and the developer is Softomotive. This platform enables users to automate any desktop and web-based tasks effortlessly.

Also, it features a Software Robot Designer. Indeed, you can teach this intelligent Software Robot to perform effortlessly any task. Thus, helping organizations to achieve greater efficiencies through automation.

Additionally, WinAutomation is an automation tool that helps to automate any repetitive task. Its Macro Recorder sets the computer on autopilot. It auto-fills thousands of web forms. Then, it extracts all the data you need from any website.

Moreover, you can automate and execute the following on keypress:

  • File operations
  • Database manipulation
  • Spreadsheet handling
  • Email parsing, and
  • Desktop management

Tips Before Using WinAutomation

  • Your paid or trial version of the “Power Automate Attended RPA license” allows you to have full access to WinAutomation. It will serve as a guide into getting WinAutomation Processes running with Power Automate.
  • We call “Processes” the automation scripts in WinAutomation. But they are called “cloud” or “desktop flows” in “Power Automate”.
  • Before you proceed to create an automation Process, check the list of connectors. You may want to check if the application you want to automate has a connector already. If it does, then consider creating a cloud flow. Rather than creating a desktop flow. Or you might also want to build your connector. 
  • Besides, you can also learn more at Softomotive’s support page.

The Prerequisites

To be able to run WinAutomation, as part of Power Automate, make sure that your device meets the requirements for desktop flows. Then, install the desktop flows app. After that, install and configure the on-premises data gateway.

But please note that you need to have the latest version of WinAutomation and Power Automate Desktop. Only then you can record, test, or run UI automation.

How To Install WinAutomation?

  • Download the WinAutomation installer.
  • Next, run the “WinAutomationSetup.exe file”. This file must be in your “Downloads” folder.
  • Just go with the instructions in the WinAutomation installer and complete the installation. Also, please note that during the installation, set the “License Type” to “Microsoft Power Automate”.

Steps On How To Sign In

  • Open the Console from the Windows start menu.
  • After starting, it will prompt you to log in. Then, enter the user credentials you use for Power Automate. If you don’t have a valid license, An error message will appear. It states, “An active Microsoft Power Automat License is required for WinAutomation.”
  • When it prompts you to create a Master key during sign in, then create one.
  • After signing in successfully, you will see the WinAutomation console with a few example Processes. To start, go to “Options”, then “Help”, then “Getting Started”.
  • Finally, go through a few examples of how to create simple processes. You can also check out its docs, called “Building a Simple Process”. Or get ideas from WinAutomation getting started tutorials as well.

After following these steps, you can now create your automation processes. So you’ll be able to test them locally.