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What’s New With Kantu Automation Tool?

What’s New With Kantu Automation Tool? Kantu Automation Browser (Google Chrome). Fresh Automation Browser Plus The newly developed Open-Source Macro Recorder (OSM) plug-in for general online automation. Besides, form filling, web scraping, and web testing are Selenium IDE (Mozilla Firefox). A9t9 was used to expand.

Kantu key traits

As a web-based macro recorder, it allows the user to log into a website, surfing links, pressing buttons. And also, accessing pages in a Web browser’s activities, including filling in a form. So, you may then replay this recorded macro that is handy to repeat a routine or operation.

Kantu‘s visual user interface may help webmasters and web designers to check the layout and canvas parts of websites. And the plugin also has the option to resize the web page. Further, to imitate high resolution that is handy for testing layouts at various device resolutions.

Kantu is clear. Kantu is easy to grasp. It includes a user interface with many self-explanatory choices and settings. Besides, it contains demo macros that allow you to think about how to program a job. So, Kantu offers a user interface that allows users to only choose and store a command.

Kantu as Macro

There is also a JSON tab, allowing you to see and write code that can change the Macro even further. The recorder also enables a browser activity to be recorded. So, for the recorded session, Kantu automatically generates Macros.

You may play, stop, step up or play in a loop the recorded web activities transformed into macros. Hence, Kantu can conduct several operations, such as entering a CSV and renaming a downloaded file.

The macro can also execute using the Windows Task Scheduler or a programmable Cron app. You may also export your Macro as an HTML and autorun the HTML file to open it.

Kantu in tandem with

In conjunction with other extensions, such as Adblock, uBlock, Ghostery, Greasemonkey, NoScript. Also, DownThemAllen, LastPass, or Video DownloadHelper, Kantu Web Macros can be utilized.

Kantu (Firefox) supports some of the most often used Selenium IDE commands, but not all. Yet, its authors continuously upgrade the plugin and add support for more commands.

UI.Vision RPA formerly Kantu

Automation of universal AI Task and UI testing. RPA integrates Visual Web Automation, DVD, and Selenium IDE.

So, the mix of traditional browser automation with current computer vision creates a user interface.

The effective and popular option for automating Web and Desktop apps is Vision RPA software (previously Kantu). The program UI.Vision RPA integrates tools for RPA.

UI.Vision integrated tools

Automation of the visual browser and testing of UI

UI Vision’s visual user experience commands help web designers and developers verify and validate the layout of websites and canvas elements. In the canvas elements, photos, and videos UI Vision can read and identify pictures and text.

Windows, Mac, and Linux Visual Desktop Automation

It can see and automate not all in the web browser alone using UI Vision. It automates your desktop with picture and word recognition (Robotic Process Automation, RPA). UI Vision can read and click, move, drag-and-drop pictures and text on your desktop and simulate keys.