What's New With TIA Selection Tool?

What’s New With TIA Selection Tool? To make it easy and quick to use our portfolio. A Tool to help both project managers, rookies, and experts.

Do you really need the optimal setup for your project planning? You do, naturally!

We provide the TIA Selection Tool to help both project managers, rookies, and experts. Detailed awareness of the portfolio is not a must. As a free software edition or as a cloud variant, we can download the TIA Selection Tool.

Your Benefits


First, configure a whole project without any manual. Without a special experience, with just a few entries. Then, import and export to TIA Portal or other devices hardware setup. Finally, we can optimally visualize the project to be configured.


Initially, download the tool on a desktop or in a web-based version of the cloud. Technically, the model portfolio and creative approaches are still up to date. A cross-team job in the cloud is highly scalable, reliable. And, Siemens Industry Mall’s direct ordering.


Smart setup and ordering collection wizard. Options for configuration can get checked and pre-simulated. Test setup archive library.

Automation simulation

Siemens’ automation modeling is the perfect way to transform the digital system.

Thanks to this modular portfolio!

Businesses will tackle simulation, focused on those fields that are of the greatest importance. And win from the very beginning.

So, simulation optimally supported the basis for cross-discipline between mechanical, electrical technology. The seamless convergence, transparency, and continuing addition of new functions in the hardware and software supplies. And, no less than from the Digital Enterprise portfolio, ensure a profitable investment in the future. In our holistic approach to digitalization.

Clever blend: Automation testing and preparation

Thus, taking stuff to the consumer more quickly while keeping the same quality standard. Incorporated workflows and short changes and start-up times are a must.

So, the SIMIT simulation tech allows extensive automation testing. And offers an operator with practical training experience even before the actual beginning. This offers actions to optimize the process and preserve know-how.

In addition, the contracting time was shorter. And the time to market was greatly cut. In general, this ensures that the entire life cycle of production and process plants increases its productivity.

Simulation in real-time

 A basis for your plan for digitisation

SIMIT supports detailed automation project tests, and automated commissioning on a shared network of applications, computers, and processes. The simulation tool can also train operators in simulated training conditions.

Siemens Automation Systems

In all sectors, demand for contemporary machinery and plants continues to increase. With Siemens automation systems, they can meet all criteria. While enjoying optimum performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

TIA generates real added value

The industrial automation platform from Siemens is Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). Thus, for all automation modules that operate together effectively.

So, its open system architecture is a continuously shared feature, covering the entire development process. Further, unified data storage, global specifications, and standardized hardware and software interfaces.

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