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Win Automation Tool: 5 Best Features

The Win Automation Tool is under Softomotive. Win Automation Tool is one of the leading RPA Tools for Windows users. 

Introducing: The Win Automation Tool

WinAutomation, like any other RPA tools available, automates any of your desktop & web-based tasks. In addition, the platform has robots that are trainable to do the job on your behalf. 

Since 2005, WinAutomation serves up to 8,000 companies all around the globe. With more than 10 years of vast experience in the field, they have helped in providing seamless automation tasks with their clients. 

The tool is best for beginner developers, IT professionals, and alike.

Basically, this tool’s goal is just like any RPA tools available. However, of course, there should be features in this tool that makes it different from others.

WinAutomation Tool Features

Surely, this tool can automate ‘any’ of your desktop and web-based tasks. However, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the game. 

1. Easy to Use: Process Designer

Softomotive claims WinAutomation to have the easiest process designer interface. This is because of it’s drag & drop feature that makes it really easy to navigate.

Why? Unlike other automation tools, you can easily automate tasks without the use of scripting languages. Yes, this easy to use drag & drop featured process designer takes away the complexity of automation. 

In addition, this feature has its own visual debugger. This works as your guide while doing your automation process. Because it can prompt you ‘what went wrong in your actions’. Thus, it helps in smoothing out the whole automation process as early as possible.

2. Limitless Desktop Automation

On the other hand, the tool also lets you automate desktop apps according to your preferred output. This works well from MSOffice, SAP-ERP, Java applications, Salesforce, and more CRM applications.

Enabling desktop automation will undoubtedly change the game of your business’ productivity. Because with WinAutomation, repetitive tasks are a small thing with their desktop automation.

3. Keep Updated: Task Scheduler

One more thing for busy individuals, a punctual, and a good memory task scheduler. Again, WinAutomation can do the scheduling for you. You choose- would you want your schedule to be organized by day, weeks, months, or even by year.

This should help businesses run smoothly and do tasks on their appointed time. For instance, WinAutomation can schedule your processes, programs, and even your documents that should be filed or submitted on time.

4. Email Automation

Moreover, WinAutomation also offers office automation tasks, email automation for instance. 

Email automation works by keeping you updated on your inbox. For example, it can send, receive, process, and also email via SMTP/IMAP. Not to mention how it can even do Exchange Server protocols.

WinAutomation can be your email manager without any click of a mouse. It can manage your inbox well and smooth.

5. High Security 

Along with automation processes, some may hold back due to security concerns. 

However, WinAutomation aims to keep your privacy with its password-protected automation controls. Yes, while the automation is executed, you can have full control of who has the access. 

For instance, it makes use of DPAPI. This enables the use of hardcoded passwords with the Machine’s system password.