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WinAutomation Tutorials: Video Series List

WinAutomation Tutorials are available on their website itself. Also, these tutorial videos are made available via YouTube, uploaded by Softomotive themselves. 

In this article, we’ll be giving you the full list of these tutorial videos. 

WinAutomation Tutorials: Video Series 

Overview Video

As the name itself suggests, this is their first tutorial video that will you a heads up on WinAutomation. More specifically, into its app console and Process Designer. 

  • Also, here, parts of the application are named for navigation. 
  • Learn how you can create a new task or job (as what they call it)
  • Also, learn how to either import or export jobs
  • How you can run or stop a job
  • Attaching triggers into jobs
  • Creating an executable file
  • Also, learn how you can run a certain job on a different computer

The Console- Create & Execute Processes

This tutorial video covers the first set of capabilities of the application’s Control Desk. 

  • How to create a process
  • How to execute created processes

The Console- Manage & Monitor Processes

Moreover, this video is related to the application’s console. 

  • How to monitor a process
  • How to configure a process

The Process Designer Video

WinAutomation’s Process Designer feature is discussed in this video. The following are highlighted:

  • Process Designer’s interface- where the creation of process takes place
  • Also discover different ways of building processes (much according to your preferences)

Actions Video

The Actions video focuses on the actual process of creating a process in WinAutomation.

  • Building process basics
  • Simple automation processes
  • Further into complex task automation

Variables Video

As the name suggests, this video will take you through the ‘variables’.

  • What are the variables?
  • How variables are used in the process?
  • Why is it vital in passing information from one activity to another?

Macro Recorder

WinAutomation has its own built-in Macro Recorder. So this tutorial video will take you through its navigation.

  • Use either mouse clicks or keystrokes to set processes
  • Also, discover alternative ways of navigating the application. For instance, through the use of Windows controls. Also, the actions that are located in the ‘UI/Windows’. This can be found on the application’s left side, under the Process Designer tab. 

Web Recorder

This video is more similar to the Macro Recorder tutorial video. For example in recording user actions on desktop applications. However, the Web Recorder is the recording of any web-related tasks.

  • Start web recording upon creating new processes
  • Or you can also do so through the process designer ribbon. This is located on the top menu.
  • The Web Recorder feature is available on 3 major browsers. Namely, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. In addition, in order for this to appear on the list of options, the webpage should be loaded first.

Web Automation

On the other hand, this tutorial video highlights the hows of automating tasks on web-based applications. Of which is very applicable to today’s business trends.

  • A dedicated group of actions for Web Automation is available
  • Moreover, WinAutomation’s Web Automation feature is available on today’s 3 major browser providers. Namely, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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