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WinAutomation VS UiPath: RPA Tools Compared

WinAutomation vs UiPath: which one is which? In terms of automating tasks, which one would you prefer? Well, let’s compare these amazing tools to help you get started. Let’s begin.

WinAutomation Vs UiPath

What Is WinAutomation?

It’s an intuitive platform for Windows automation. And users use this to automate any desktop and web-based task effortlessly. It’s also considered a longstanding Robotic Desktop Automation tool. Besides, it’s super easy to use and provides great value for money.

Additionally, WinAutomation allows its users to free up more time. Especially for more value-added activities. Thus, enhancing productivity and improving overall speed and accuracy. It also supports 3 major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

It can also take control of your keyboard and mouse acting on your behalf. Thus saving time while automating your repetitive tasks.

Some Interesting Features

  • Triggers and Schedules
  • Secure Screen
  • Concurrency
  • Robot Compiler

User’s Benefits

  • Saves more time because it automates repetitive and mundane tasks. Therefore, users can focus on improving productivity. Examples of tasks it can automate are system data transfer, complex workflows, and other business processes.
  • Easy to use for professionals and non-professionals. It helps users automate tasks in the easiest ways possible. Besides, anyone can quickly learn the software. And no programming knowledge is needed.
  • Its Web and Macro recorders come in handy for automating web processes and any desktop applications.

What Is UiPath?

It’s considered the leading RPA platform used by companies for automation. RPA helps with innovative technology. It also helps its users to adopt robots easily while freeing them from repetitive and mundane tasks.

Besides, it can integrate with other existing tools, without changing any of your existing systems. Moreover, their bots and robots are trainable and can view the given interface as humans do.

Services UiPath Can Offer

  • Scheduling tasks
  • Remote execution of tasks
  • Monitoring execution
  • Process modeling change management, and
  • Deployment managements

User’s Benefits

  • Enhanced customer experience. This means that companies can give timely and effective services to their customers.
  • It helps users increase productivity. Because it automates some time-consuming tasks, companies can now present early services to their end customers. Additionally, back-office can afford the most reliable and accurate responses.
  • Users can also manage capabilities. That’s because UiPath allows its users to have a centralized management server. As a result, companies can manage bots to automatically perform activities.
  • It has advanced features like MS workflow foundation for faster collaboration.
  • It also offers enhanced collaboration. Also, it updates workers with reports on the company’s progress. Thus giving them insights into what needs to improve.
  • UiPath also comes with flexible tools you can use. Regardless of how complex or big the assignment is.

The Pricing Plans

The pricing plan for WinAutomation starts at $89.00 per month. And the pricing model is through the subscription process. It also offers a free trial, with no credit card required. However, after the 30-day trial for new users, it will be available for $89.00 per month. And is billed annually.

On the other hand, UiPath pricing starts at $3,990.00 per year per user. The bright side is they also offer a free trial. But for other pricing plans, users are to contact the developer.

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