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Yoshiro Nakamatsu/ Dr. NakaMats

Yoshiro Nakamatsu or better known by his famous title Dr. NakaMats, is a top world’s inventor. Nakamatsu regularly appears on Japanese talk shows demonstrating his new inventions.

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Born as the son Hajime Nakamatsu and Yoshino Nakamatsu, a banker and a teacher respectively, Yoshiro Nakamatsu was provided with excellence education in mathematics and science. With his passion for inventing, he decided to studied engineering at the University of Tokyo.

Milestones in life

  • Inventor

Yoshiro Nakamatsu’s inventions were recorded by several media articles, listing as one of the world’s creative inventors. Moreover, his life was showed in the 2009 documentary “The Invention of Dr NakaMats”.

Nakamatsu’s early famous invention is called “Shoyu Churu Churu”. It is a siphon pump that users can use it to transfer soy sauce from large containers to smaller one.

His famous inventions include:

  • Juusyoku Record (stacked color record / dual color record) – An optical sound media which uses printed paper sheet instead of transparent film
  • “Magnetic record sheet” – “a method for forming signal record track comprising a number of spiral signal track loops …”
  • “Enerex” – System for generating hydrogen and oxygen
  • “PyonPyon” – Jumping shoes with leaf springs on their soles
  • “Cerebrex” armchair, a chair that supposedly improves mental function such as calculation and thinking by cooling the head and heating the feet
  • A toilet seat lifter
  • A condom with an embedded magnet, supposedly “improving sensitivity” as “electricity is generated in the blood vessels in the female organs by Fleming’s left-hand rule”
  • A protective envelope for floppy disk  and a head-cleaning floppy disk
  • A CD for supposedly “enhancing brightness or sexual function”
  • A cigarette-like device for supposedly “activating the brain”
  • A pillow preventing falling asleep while driving (an air compressor strapped to the cars headrest, forcibly feeding air to the driver)
  • A peephole in a sheet of material, described as a “oneway visible shielding object”
  • Spectacles in the shape of eyes, so that the user appears to wear no spectacles.
  • A “wig for self defense” — a strip and a weight are attached to a wig. The wearer swings the wig to hit an attacker.
  • Love Jet – A sexual enhancement product which he created out of concern about Japan’s declining birthrate. In a 1995 interview, he explained that the purpose of the aphrodisiac was “to save Japan”.


Yoshiro Nakamatsu has not yet released any books or publication.

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“Inventing is simply a matter of “suji, pika, iki” — meaning “theory, a flash of inspiration, practicality.”

“That is why my first invention was an automatic gravity-control device when I was 5 years old. In this way, competitive spirit is very dimportant from a young age.”

” The reason why the Japanese economy is stagnant is that old industries are no good. In order to revive the economy, we need new industries.”